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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 9, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is wjztv, wjdhd and baltimore. >> from the city to the countys to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage it's wjz maryland's news station. the mayor on trial. sheila diction op is in court facing theft charges. wjz has complete coverage from the courthouse as the trial begins. hello, again and here's what people are talking about today. the trial for baltimore mayor dixon is underway. wjz cameras were there as she arrive at courthouse to face seven counts. and wjz is live right now with complete coverage. mike hellgren is live with how lawyers are trying to make sure she gets a fair trial. and mary bubala with the latest on what's going on right now.
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good afternoon mary. >> reporter: good afternoon, don and everybody. it is a significant day for mayor sheila dixon and really for the entire city of baltimore. the mayor is officially a criminal defendant inside a courtroom behind me. mayor dixon arrived at circuit courthouse at 9:20 this morning saying she feels good. she had it -- headed right for courtroom 234 for the start of criminal trial. dixon face 7 counts rethrietd stealing gift cards intend for the needy. prosecutors say dixon bought things like play stations x box and cam corders and clothing from old navy and target. if convicted, the mayor could go to jail and she could be stripped of all authority. >> the indictment that she faces is ludicrous. >> reporter: just before 10 a.m. mayor dixon and her attorney stood before the judge sweeney and her attorney said the mayor is pleading not guilty to each and every of the seven counts. the state prosecutors and the
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mayor's defense team are questioning potential jurors all city residents a critical process. one side look for jurors sympathetic and the other side those critical of the government and the cozy relationship between employees and developers. the prosecution and defense are pouring through juror questionnaires and i just witnessed mayor dixon sitting at the defense table and has a pen in hand and she is actively engaged in the process of finding jurors. now the judge said this finding the jury will take a considerable amount of time. 999 juror summons have been issued half of those usually show up but again right now the focus is just on looking through the questionnaires and then trying to get a jury seated within a day or two. we will continue to follow it all and will send it back to you at tv hill. >> thanks very much. complete coverage continues now with mike hellgren along the
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same lines and mary mentioned. he is live and can you tell us about the importance of jury selection in this trial. >> reporter: many legal analyst believe the jury selection process is going to be the most important part of this trial. more important than any evidence that you are going to hear in the courtroom once this gets going. and her legal team has a very difficult job taking those select few that will decide the fate one way or another. we want to show you that video of her arriving in court a few hours ago this morning. will those jurors be suede. what will sway them? will they feel it's republican prosecutors who is on a witch hunt for a democratic mayor? what about the nature of the charges. they are nasty charges she stole gift cards meant for the needy. and this is a mayor who makes a 6 figure salary. that whole process involves asking pointed questions to the jurors and it's down to a science. and they have a large pool to go through almost 1,000 jurors and it's going to be hard to find someone who has not formed an
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opinion of this mayor or of this case as it has received intense coverage for more than a year now. don. >> mike we sought smile when sheila dixon arrived in court and mary mentioned what she is doing at the defense table. how would you describe the mayor's mood. >> reporter: don, she appeared to be really upbeat i saw her laughing and joking with her attorney. you've got arnold wean here sits to the left of her and the mayor also appeared to be very engaged in the whole process. she was constantly going over paperwork and she was constantly focused on this. for every moment that i saw her up there in that courtroom, and yes, she did appear to be in good spirits. very professional dressed as well. blue pin stripe suit and hair perfectly done. nothing out of ordinary from what we would see her at a normal press conference or doing her normal mayoral duties. back to you, don. >> thanks very much, mike and stay with wjz all week for complete coverage mary and team a of reporters will follow the
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case and show how it impacts the city of baltimore. in a little less than 24 hours, serial sniper john allen muhammad will be be executed and sally thorner is live with more on this. good afternoon, sally. >> reporter: gad afternoon. muhammad is set to be put to death tomorrow in virginia. he was convicted of killing a virginia man at a gas station in 2002. muhammad and teen accomplice lee boyd malveaux killed 2 people in all during a three week murder spree in october 2002. muhammad's lawyers filed an emergency appeal with the supreme court claiming muhammad is mentally ill. his execution will most likely not be delayed. don, back to you. >> thanks very much. and wjz will bring you complete coverage of the muhammad execution vic carter will cover it from virginia and right here on wjz13. ida is downgraded to a tropical storm. but the gulf coast states are preparing for it to make landfall. louisiana governor declared state of emergency as a
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precaution. that state has seen rough surf and many schools have canceled classes in advance of it making landfall. and we are live with complete first warning coverage with marty bass in the outback and meteorologist bernadette woods track ida. good afternoon bernadette. >> good afternoon. let's get to first warning doppler radar because ida is close enough that some of the rain band are now showing up in the first warning doppler radar. we have it tuned down to the south. ironically, this part here is not from a separate disturbance that moved through texas and this part right here is from ida. that's the rain way out ahead of the center which is pretty far down to the south. let's switch it over and show you the latest on ida. this is what we have going on. it has been downgraded to a tropical storm a very strong tropical storm. wind are close to 70 miles per hour. and it is 74 miles per hour make it a hurricane. on the track it will make a landfall either late tonight or
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early tomorrow morning somewhere along the gulf coast. you can see it is moving off to the north northwest at about 17 miles per hour right now. the winds are strong and gusts are even stronger as it encounters drier air off to the north it will weaken but there's still a pretty strong storm and we will keep you updated because it could play into our forecast over the next few days. but for what's going on right now outside, we will send it out to marty. >> i got a question for you. i saw ron matz in the newsroom when ida makes landfall along the gulf coast states could we call her american ida. >> if you want to. >> thank you very much. good afternoon. let's talk about some great weather. if you are outside at this moment, you couldn't help but being in a great mood. yesterday, let's look at numbers. here's the almanac. today a high of 73. it got down to 39 last night and that's the overnight low for this date. inth next one is milder. the averages 39 and 56. only five off the record daytime high for this day.
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but let's look at past lows for the lows of the past 12 hours. there's that 39 downtown. i mean really, even oakland stayed in the low to mid-30s range during the next overnight. let's lock at how temperatures rebounded quickly. we are seeing almost 70 degrees here downtown. we are at 40th at jfk. expect temperatures to go up a few more degrees over the next few hours. how long does it stay mild. bernadette wood has details coming up shortly. >> thanks. as we know who we are watching the road to the playoffs for the ravens got bumpier they are coming off one of the worst performance of the year a defeat by the bengals in cincinnati yesterday afternoon. ron matz is live at with more on what you the fans are saying in today's fan cam. ron. >> reporter: hi, don. and the fans are saying a lot. the bengals went after the ravens and displayed a desperate fourth quarter rally. ravens lose for the 4 time in year. let's go to paul brown stadium bengals opened two long drives
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resulting in touchdowns. first td carson palmer finds caldwell in the end zone giving the bengals a 7-0 lead. ravens down 17-0. in the 4th, quarter, they try to make a game of it. rice scores the only td of the game make it 17-7. ravens driving again on the 4th when kicker goes for a 38 yard field goal cutting let's to a touchdown. but, as you know, the kick sails wide left. 17-7 is the final the ravens are now 4-4. and wjz fan cam question can the ravens still make the playoffs? >> absolutely i think they can make the playoffs. they just need to step up on the defense and they need to protect the quarterback. >> no playoffs not this year. maybe next year but not this year. you need a pass rush before you get there. >> it will take us a lot to get to the playoffs. we have to play like we are capable of playing but somebody else is going to have to play
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poorly. >> playoff, no i don't think it's possible. not unless they improve tremendously. >> defense needs to beand we need to take care of joe and i think we can be at playoffs absolutely. >> we are going to make the playoffs. we are definitely going to get the playoffs. we are going to kill the steelers we will put them down on the ground. >> well. >> reporter: we can only hope. for more fan cam come here to now back to you. >> thanks ron. ravens next game is next sunday-- excuse me next monday night against the browns in cleveland. hard not to say sunday and the wjz special coverage kicks off monday night at 8. still to come on wjz "eyewitness news" at noon, warning signs missed and an investigation into whether the fort hood shooter was really an islamic extremist and take another look at this gorgeous day outside and stick around, your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up.
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it mate have been a major feat for the house of representatives but the senate is not expected to pass. congress health care rye form bill any sometime soon.
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house passed a measure including a public option plan. and many in the senate are not on board on that. senate majordan leader harry reid is hoping for a government run plan that the states could on the out of. the man accused of opening fire on it willo soldiers is conscious and able to talk. major nidal malik hasan killed 13 people last thursday and was shot by police. now joe leishman is asking congress to perform a special investigation into whether the army missed warning signs he was planning that attack. 20 years ago the berlin wall came crashing down. for 28 years the wall separated east and west germany during the height of the cold war. celebration of the collapse of communism is underway right now in pearllin. thousands gathered last night or overnight tonight it's dark there. the gates for a party starring bon jovi. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" at noon, as you take another live look outside.
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stick around, your complete first warning weather forecast now just 2 1/2ments away. but first, let's look at today's -- 2 1/2 minutes away. but first, let's look at today's midday stocks. if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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and get a cold. you need cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right on the box. it's the only cold brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. now first warning weather e forecast and the first warning severe weather. >> welcome back. take a look. up to 69 degrees already outside today. wind have turned around to the
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south and is very comfortable. plus a lot of temperatures warming up. 61 in ocean city which will be a little cooler because of the water influence that is cooler than the air temperatures right now. contrasting that with 55 cumberland. 67 in hagerstown. warm for everyone across the board. the wind are light and out of the south ahead of another front moving our way. this is the front you notice there's not a lot to it. other than clouds. off to the south a lot of rain. that's already associated with ida. the latest on ida is strop cal storm that has been downgraded to a trop scale storm but winds are 70 miles per hour almost and it's moving to the north northwest at 17 miles per hour. it has been pick up speed and it's going to take more of a northerly turn and northeastern turn and now we take this track as you can see towards mississippi eventually and then into the florida panhandle and into georgia. now the one question that remains for us is how is the front approaching us going to
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connect with the moisture that's down to the south? because there's a potential for rain out of this. but, if this front comes through and doesn't make that connection, it will come through with very little fanfare. if it make the connection with the rain off to the south we could get rain tomorrow night into wednesday before this storm wraps up and gets out of here. all the while the wind will pick up and temperatures will come back down down to reality. the forecast looks like this. for today, enjoy it we are getting up to 73 degrees out there. mostly sunny and a little hazy in fact. and tonight, going down to 43. by tomorrow, a cool are day but very comfortable. 66 degrees. but with more in the way of clouds, then we will watch ida approach the region and we will see if we get rain tomorrow night into wednesday and that would be the best shot at that before it head out. >> this kind of november 9th is fine with me. wow. still to come on "eyewitness news" at noon prehe venting prostate canser what could help men lower the risk of getting it and wjz13 is always on hear are the stories we are following on our website for constant
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updates of the day's news and the first warning weather forecast, go to
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in teed wjz "healthwatch" report men moo work outing arely may have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer amount study of nearly 200 men who underwent biopsies for possible prostate cancer finds those who exercise moderately were less likely to get it.
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they defined moderate exercises as equivalent of walking 3 to 6 hours per week. having a bad pulse could be bad for your health. those who reported having unsatisfactory relationship with a supervisor what 25% ribs heart attack over the following ten years and check back with us at 4, 5 and 6 and now back to sally for a preview. hi. >> hi, don. teen dies suddenly a 19-year- old from howard county dies during a training march at virginia military academy. and a major recall. if you have a mcclaron stroller stot stop using it. join us for these stories and breaking news today at four right after dr. phil. >> and staying us with the, the five-day forecast is coming up.
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okay. welcome back, everybody. wouldn't than nice. >> there we go. as far as weather goes for the next five days, here is marty in the outback. >> it's really nice and we move some of the high clouds out of here. it's going to continue to be a gorgeous afternoon. let's look at the five-day, tomorrow is a day of change and cold front approaches 66. bern mentioned the slight possibility of some moisture migrating up to the 95 corridor from the south as ida passes across southern georgia northern florida. thursday, friday and saturday, a look at weekend.
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sunshine 52. 55 and 5 8 degrees. get me time this day if you are waking up from the overnight shift good morning. it's beautiful. walk outside and have coffee and back inside. >> thanks. >> thanksgiving is 2 1/2 weeks away and one holiday staple is getting ready. this weeks end the newest members of the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade tested the wings or their ferghts and the pillsbury doughboy and spade spiderman and mecky muse are preparing. maryland's news station don scott. >> and for marty bass and burn
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